witch of void abilities

+4 seconds on the timer if at least one Intimidating Presence Debuff is already active. -Witch abilities: Manipulate aspect; change aspect, -Void abilities: Invisibility; phasing; intangibility. They might be able to exploit any number of things that may or may not exist in the infinite Void. This action declares null and void the contract made at the time of the witch's initiation, and also requires the immolation of the familiar. They might have trouble understanding that some people prefer some things to be hidden or not talked about or kept a secret, and thus might accidentally draw more attention to those things in their attempts to make sure that it is completely ignored and not talked about. Iwatobi Swim Club is a good non-Equius example of an Heir of Void, one that focuses more on the Water/Liquid/Ocean parts of Void than Shadow/Darkness though. According to the Countess, she has powers that go far beyond those of the "magic wand" of a mere Essex witch as Mary Sibley. Drains 1 Void per 2 seconds. This will shut down his Direct Damage effect as well as provide a bonus on Champions like Kingpin. According to Tituba, a Cradle Witch (also known as born witch) develops and masters the powers faster and easier than a so-called Contract witch, becoming even more powerful of the Queen of the Night. They might also rely on others to keep their secrets for them. She is equipped with a mace and a robe. They are naturally secretive, but tend to actually keep those secrets. They might be curious and nosy about all kinds of things, not understanding at first they don’t need to notice everything or that not everything is equally important and meaningful. You may also have a great control over ~ATH programming. For instance they know secrets, it is impossible to keep a secret from a Mage of Void. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Sylphs of Void don’t like being in the spotlight and try to avoid it whenever possible. That said, I did have a lot of fun writing this out, and if anyone else has a God Tier they'd like me to try and crack, feel free to let me know. This all being said the Heir of light would also be a jovial souls and take small joys in the form of gambling and studying. Roxy blocked input to the cherub's computers, hiding her from sight, and a void session is created when there is no input. For each unique Debuff type, the opponent takes 109.2% of Void’s current Attack Rating as Direct Damage per second. Abilities Blackout. This, of course, is just speculation, as "witch" is not particularly defined as a class and "void… Steal? They might be able to use indifference and ignorance to their advantage, being able to work and do things in the background while nobody notices. They might feel really meaningless or generally unimportant or unaware of what’s going on around them. 1 ~ 2 unique Debuffs provides a +20% Fury Passive. Knights hide a fear of a perceived fundamental failure with their Aspect behind a shield of confidence and obsessive effort. Never!”They would be very good at denying or hiding what really happened. As such, void can be defined as a lack of input. They might also do this not because they believe everything is meaningful and significant, but because everything could or might be meaningful and significant. Creating a more rare or powerful object may increase the cost by up to 180 Void. They could be a person that really wanted a close relationship with someone else, either as their teacher, superior or mentor, or a platonic friendship, or they might simply have an unrequited love. A Power is a supernatural ability that allows witches to manifest magical feats. They would be able to see how meaningless and irrelevant any outcome or choice would be. They have natural confidence obtaining and knowing even the most heavily guarded secrets by being very good at getting others to let down their guard around them, or let them think they are unimportant or insignificant. When all Intimidating Presence Debuffs are at max stacks, instead of being removed, those Debuffs are converted into a Passive Fear of the Void that combines their effects and grants Void 218~1310 Attack Rating for 40 seconds. The Alpha kids were trapped in a void session, which was created because nothing was input into their sprites. Prince of Time. They may fear that being truly skilled with Void means being truly skilled at nothing, but in reality Void encompasses everything that is unknown. A Thief of Void could also steal Void itself, meaning mystery or obfuscation. Seers of Void would also see the things, the pockets of void, that make people disregard or be unaware of things. They might be more secretive people, manipulating others by pretending to be ignorant or unaware of things, or pretending to be indifferent towards something they actually like. They may feel or just plain be ignorant and unaware of things going on around them. They break and change the physical and metaphysical “Rules” of their Aspect. Their challenge is to learn to rely on themselves for their Aspect. This means that abilities like Concussion and Neurotoxin are going to be effective tools against Void. https://salem.fandom.com/wiki/Powers?oldid=35498, Unlike other supernatural fictional universes, the authors of. Meaning, your fellow players and non-underlings. A Mind player could be very helpful in giving guidance to this class. An Heir of Void would have amazing strength, but for nothing really specific. Their challenge is to be able to translate their insight and knowledge into action and decision. Existential Threat – The Void terrifies the opponent by charging and releasing a massive blast of concentrated dark energy. Void’s Direct Damage over time debuffs are based on his current Attack Rating; this means Fury effects will enhance their damage output per second! A common feature of almost all powers and abilities is to have completely white eyes during the course of a ritual or incantation, especially those related to extrasensory abilities as may be. During this ceremony, the Devil will erase control over the natural elements from the witch's body one by one. Maids start out relying on others for their Aspect. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They could either have 20/20 vision including heat vision and night vision, or they might be completely blind and rely on a sixth sense kind of vision. Max Stacks: 2. Prince of Heart. A Mind … Weakness – Reduces the opponent’s Attack Rating by 25% for 20 seconds. They might not understand at all what it means for something to be infinite or nonexistent and would have trouble grasping these existential concepts. They don’t have a lot of well kept secrets and tend to keep things out in the open. They would be very good at taking and stealing things without any trace or lead that leads back to themselves, they would act ignorant of the whole thing and go "What, me? Rogues of Void, like our canon Roxy Lalonde, would have trouble coping with their own seeming insignificance and irrelevance. This, of course, is just speculation, as "witch" is not particularly defined as a class and "void… They could see where things would most likely be hidden, or they could see that someone is hiding a secret. A Sylph of Void probably wouldn’t work well with others either, either thinking or making them believe that other people are useless, meaningless or insignificant to their own plans. Max Stacks: 2, Petrify Debuff – Reduces the effectiveness of Power Gain and Regeneration by 50%. Have you ever wondered what your classes abilities might be in combination of your aspect? An unofficial subreddit for Homestuck, Hiveswap, and the works of Andrew Hussie. They may be unable to get anyone’s attention and be constantly ignored. Though they doubt sources that seem shady or untrustworthy. APPLE AND THE APPLE LOGO ARE TRADEMARKS OF APPLE INC., REGISTERED IN THE U.S. AND OTHER COUNTRIES. Magic is responsible for the aesthetic gratification experienced by everyday people (specifically things like art, music and poetry and even the will to live for some). A Seer of Void might struggle with the idea of everything being meaningless, of everything eventually slipping away into obscurity and nothingness. All that which is unknown, or hidden, obscure or even nonexistent is at their disposal. Their own ignorance and disregard for certain things can be easily exploited by others. Witch of Void (Manipulates Void, or Manipulates Through Void): The Witch of Void is the Active half of the Manipulation category, their counterpart/Grimdark self being the Seer of Light (Invites Understanding of Light, or Invites Understanding Through Light). They either become super careful or very careless with things because of that. The Void Witch, other wise known as Krystala Dawnshadow, was an enemy the Highguard first encountered in Dreanor. They might manipulate people by merely acting indifferent or disregarding them, giving them the cold shoulder or the silent treatment. Spear goes in, fuzzy bunnies come out. Lasts until the user runs out of Void or dismisses the spell. Void is the aspect of secrets mystery and nothingness and is the opposite of light. When bestowed by the Outsider, mana is needed to perform active abilities, and the amount required varies by power.When granted by powerful artifacts linked to the Void, they only need to cool down, as seen in Dishonored: Death of the Outsider. Their challenge is act upon their opinions instead of waiting by the sidelines. A witch of void could potentially have the ability to block input, which could at lower levels cause blindness or deafness, or with practice block nerve input, causing paralysis or a comatose state. Send me an ask for a certain class or fill out the session request form for a session analysis. Overcoming Fear with Black Widow, Vision, Hawkeye, Captain America. Agility Debuff – Reduces Ability Accuracy of Evade and the Dexterity Mastery by 30%. Eventually though, Rogues of Void will come to terms with their own Void and start really using it to their advantage.

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