treated pine decking

Mon-Fri: 6:30am - 4:30pm Treated pine is plentiful, which means it is commonly available and is usually very affordable. Treated Pine is timber that has been permeated with a chemical solution, giving it a long-term resistance to decay, insects, and other deteriorating factors. Over time they will of course look ugly if you do not maintain them. Treated Pine decking is suitable for residential or commercial settings. It is in fact the most common timber used in deck building. We Offer Treated Pine Decking, Untreated Pine Decking and Saligna Decking for sale. Treated pine is considered to be an extremely environmentally friendly material. The treatment includes pressure treatment; the timber is saturated and then completely dried. Sat: 7:00am - 12:00 noon Many people argue that the appearance of treated pine decks is not nearly as attractive as other hardwood decks. His initial intent was to tear down the entire deck and start over. Treated pine decking can be stained or painted to whichever colour you wish and to match with your dwelling. The Pine Decking is 21X106 and is available in 3m lengths. Some popular hardwood decking materials such as merbau, on the other hand, are harvested from existing stands in countries where few if any environmental controls are in place. The second method of treatment is alkaline copper and quaternary which has grown in popularity due to the concerns about the arsenic component of alkaline copper chrome arsenic treatment. It is also softer than most other woods, which can be pleasant to walk on when used as flooring or decking. Sun: Closed Our High Quality Decking Products are sold at Wholesale Prices to the Public. It is perfect for small or large decks and many other outdoor applications. Being a softwood treatment of pine is essential to increase the longevity of the wood, its service life and to protect it against decay and insect attacks. As softwood, treated pine is more susceptive to scratches and dents. It is affordable, durable and long lasting as a flooring for outside any home or office which can be easily stained or painted. Hardwoods have natural fire resistant properties and thus a better choice than treated pine should you lives in a fire-prone area. There are many advantages of treated pine decking, and some disadvantages too. A further option that is getting increasingly popular is composite decking. This treatment requires less pressure in the treatment process. All Rights Reserved. James Hardie Renovation Masterclass 12.11.20, Employer incentives – BAC and JobMaker Hiring Credit, James Hardie product deletions effective 14.12.20, Storage of Composite Products on your site. When building a deck with treated pine it is essential that the decking is thoroughly sealed so as to minimise expansion and contractions. The Saligna Decking is 20x98 and is available in short lengths (1.8m - 2.7m) and long lengths (3.0m - 4.8m lengths. Decking comes in a range of widths, from 70mm, 90mm, 140mm wide, with 90mm being the most common so there is a size suitable for all external flooring requirements. Holland Park, Brisbane, Queensland All We Do Is Decks © 2019. A fast growing softwood, most of the pine used in its production today comes from tree plantations rather than virgin forests.

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