the dullahan story

Croker then brings up comparable folklore from Denmark and Wales. La Sayona | El Charro Negro | Pukwudgies | Christie Cleek | Beast | Irish folklore says that when he stops riding, a human dies. It’s impossible for me to say when this shift in meaning might have occurred, but I have to wonder if Croker was the person who cemented the association; after all, as noted, only three of the narratives in his book’s section on dullahans actually use the word “dullahan” to describe their headless spooks. Hairy-Armed Woman | The Dullahan The dullahan is one of the most spectacular creatures in the Irish fairy realm and one which is particularly active in the more remote parts of counties Sligo and Down. Change ), The Bumper Book of British Bizarro (featuring my short story “House of Joy”), Doctor Who: The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 5 (featuring my audio story “Clear History”), Bernice Summerfield: In Time (featuring my short story “The Bunny’s Curse”), Jon Watkins Fails Demonology: Rock Me Asmodeus, The House of Eddas: Giants Walk the Earth in, Exposing Satanism: Jon Watkins vs the Trannydemons. Tydeus | The head moved forward, and passed on…. Bandits | Saul | Ogres | Rain Man | Thunderbird | The flesh of the head is said to have the color and consistency of moldy cheese. Yowie | Mothman | Hydra | — Men in Black | They do not appreciate being watched while on their errands, throwing a basin of blood on those who dare to do so (often a mark that they are among the next to die), or even lashing out the watchers' eyes with their whips. Greys | Old Man Try-By-Night | No information. Camazotz | Headless people are not peculiar to Ireland, although there alone they seem to have a peculiar name. Croker’s multi-volume book began publication in 1825, although the edition I accessed on Google Books is from 1828. Beast of Beckley | Cockatrice | What a pity it is none but the Dullahans can go without their heads! The Dullahan is a type of evil fairy from Irish mythology as well as a demonic death god of sorts - though they are much more akin to demons than traditional deities. Santa Compaña | Sometimes pulls wagon which is adorned with funeral objects (e.g., candles in skulls to light the way, the spokes of the wheels are made from thigh bones, the wagon's covering made from a worm-chewed pall or dried human skin). Fallen Angels Kelpie of Loch Ness | Horsemen of the Apocalypse | The Killer In the Backseat | Crisis, Possessed Objects La Tunda | — what is it? Typically, the Dullahan carries its head under its arm; the head appears dead and rotten (sometimes compared to having flesh resembling old cheese) with a demonic grin spread across its face from ear to ear. Full Name Cthulhu Mythos Villains | Samael | The dullahan made his way into literature, folk tales, and modern entertainment. It comes from Dorr, or Durr, anger, or Durrach, malicious, fierce &c.” The correctness of this last etymology may be questioned, as Dubh, black, is evidently a component part of the word. Maricoxi | Dog-headed Men | Nobusuma | I’ll be following this post with a look at how authors like W. B. Yeats drew upon Croker for their own depiction of the dullahan, the possible overlap with Washington Irving’s “Legend of Sleepy Hollow”, and a survey of dullahans in modern pop culture. Succubus, Gods & Spirits Lilith | Baphomet | A coach! China Doll | Do I tremble, or is it the ground? Stymphalian Birds | Stolas | The earliest references to the dullahan that I’ve managed to trace is in a 1802 text on comparative linguistics by Charles Vallancey, entitled Prospectus of a Dictionary of the Language of the Aire Coti, or Ancient Irish, Compared with the Language of the Cuti, or Ancient Persians, with the Hindoostanee, the Arabic, and Chaldean Languages. Another legend of the same district [Castletown roche] relates, that a black coach, drawn by headless horses, goes every night from Castle Hyde till it comes to Glans Fauna, a little beyond Ballyhooly, when it proceeds up the valley, and then returns back again. The book includes a section in which Vallancey compares terms from Irish and Arabic folklore; amongst other things, he compares the Irish dulahan with something called a “wulahan”, which is apparently an Arabian demon: The Dullahan or Wullahan is a terrible bug-bear at this day; the peasants hear him in the night dragging a heavy chain through the villages and along the roads; this is the wulahan, or Satanas of the Arabs…. The first is from one Dr. Grimm regarding a legend of lower Brittany about carriquet an nankon – a hearse drawn by skeletons said to visit the fatally ill. (I can find no other texts including the phrase “carriquet an nankon” – or even “carriquet au nankon”, as it is rendered in later editions of Croker’s book – but there is almost certainly some connection to the Ankou of Breton lore). Nure-Onna | Giants of Voronezh | Fetch | Charley did look again, and now in the proper place, for he clearly saw, under the aforesaid right arm, that head from which the voice had proceeded, and such a head no mortal ever saw before. Ajax the Lesser | Pope Lick Monster | Boneless | Erymanthian Boar | Nor coachman be headdy from beer. Fairies | Buer | Gods & Goddesses: Ares | Hoop Snake | Jötunn (Ymir, Loki, Hela, Skoll and Hati, Fenrir, Jormungandr, Surtr, Hræsvelgr) | No information But up-hill to them is as down; Abilities Bunnyman | Skeletons | Tarasque | Once again the story goes in a humorous direction, with Charley challenging the headless horseman to a race. —. Larry, however, was not the first man who lost his head through the temptation of looking at the bottom of a bringing cup. The book’s dullahan section includes four prose stories, one ballad and (in the 1828 edition, at least) Croker’s commentary, which quotes some additional narratives relating to dullahans and other headless apparitions. Peeping Tom | Unholy Trinity | There is no way to bar the road against a Dullahan — all locks and gates open on their own when it approaches. — a coach! Cerberus | Black Stick Men | Dragons | If the term “dullahan” means a dark or sullen person, then it seems likely that the word referred to sinister or malevolent spirits in general before coming to refer specifically to headless spirits – presumably after becoming attached to the motif of the death coach and its headless driver. — but that coach has no head; Mordred | When Larry recovers his senses, he finds himself outside the church in the daylight, his head back on his shoulders. Lambton Worm | Chupacabra | There are many later editions, and I notice that the exact selection of stories varies between them; on top of this, some editions include the stories themselves but lack Croker’s commentary. John and Susan Buckley | Yallery Brown | Sea-Serpents | Some poor skeletons, whose bleached bones were ill covered by moth-eaten palls, and who were not admitted into the ring, amused themselves by bowling their brainless noddles at one another, which seemed to enjoy the sport beyond measure. Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square | Gargoyles, See Also Hanako-San | Creon | Erlik | Judas Iscariot | All the same, perhaps you should draw your curtains and stay inside…just in case. Paimon | Delilah | The appearance of “the Headless Coach,” as it is called, is a very general superstition, and is generally regarded as a sign of death, or an omen of some misfortune. The Dullahan's whip is actually a human corpse's spine, and the wagons they sometimes use are made of similarly funereal objects (e.g. A Dullahan is portrayed as a Headless Horseman and normally rides a black horse while carrying their head under one arm. Frankenstein's Monster | Six Demons | The people about here thought that the road would be completely worn out with their galloping before Mrs. Spiers died. candles in skulls to light the way, the spokes of the wheels made from thigh bones, the wagon's covering made from a worm-chewn pall). Disambiguation Pages Two-Toed Tom | The influence from this has resulted in Japanese young adult media commonly portraying 'Dullahans' with traits not associated with the original Irish folklore, such as wearing plate armor. Around midnight on certain Irish festivals or feast days, this wild and black-robed horseman may be observed riding a dark and snorting steed across the countryside. He speaks to her during the trip, but still she is silent. W. B. Legion | And the horses are headless as it: The Dullahan is a type of evil fairy from Irish mythology as well as a demonic death god of sorts - though they are much more akin to demons than traditional deities. Trevor Henderson Villains | Aliens (AC) | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Umibōzu | When the Dullahan stops riding, it is where a person is due to die. Ghost Cars | Goals Enma Daio | Stingy Jack, Demonology Legends Blair Witch | Of the four prose stories, the only one to actually use the term dullahan is entitled “The Good Woman”. Zombies | The ballad goes on to state that the coach’s wheels “are of dead men’s thigh bones/And the pole is the spine of the back” while “Two hollow skulls hang up for lamps”. Dullahan is a common name for headless warriors - predominantly knights - in Japanese video games. Hades | Notable Legends Gremlins | Aye-aye | The horseman then vanishes, but not before promising Charley supernatural assistance in any future horse-races. Harpies | Hags | Croker spends much of his commentary on these stories talking about headless ghosts in folklore from outside Ireland – for example, in his comments on “The Headless Horseman” he mentions various items of macabre folklore relating to horses, including an alleged sighting of an English ghost in the form of a headless horse. The apparition passes, and later turns out to be an omen of death: the following morning, Mick hears that his friend – a Mr. Wrixon – is fatally ill. White-Eyed Children | Bloop | Headless Horseman | Ghost (Johnny, I Want My Liver Back) | — Mara | This sinister being appears as a man or a woman riding upon a black horse, but the rider has no head upon their shoulders. Ixion | And the passengers inside who sit. Gargoyles Crimes Mystery Killer | King Arthur | Her figure, considering the long strides she took, appeared to be under the common size—rather of the dumpy order; but further, as to whether the damsel was young or old, fair or brown, pretty or ugly, Larry could form no precise notion, from her wearing a large cloak (the usual garb of the female Irish peasant), the hood of which was turned up, and completely concealed every feature. Lord save us! Mikari Baba | Mephistopheles | Vampires | Melon Heads | Xolotl | Wendigo | Mamlambo | Krampus | Kitsune | Angra Mainyu | Grafton Monster | “The Harvest Dinner” is the story of Paddy Cavenagh, who was returning home at midnight after visiting a boisterous party when he “saw the fairies in real earnest”: The side of the moat, you see, that looks into the field was open, and out of it there came the darlinist little cavalcade of the prettiest little fellows you ever laid your eyes upon. Nor the charms of Woodhill can detain Cirein-cròin | Black Shuck | Abaddon | Candyman | Momonjii | China Doll | A Dullahan is portrayed as a Headless Horseman and normally rides a black horse while carrying their head under one arm. Out of the four main stories included in Croker’s dullahan section, the only one to provide a definite origin for its spook is “The Headless Horseman”, where the title character is revealed to be the ghost of a man who had lost his neck in life. Cain | Green Knight |

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