mirror gazing spiritual benefits

Mirror energy passes through the Astral Plane and comes to the immediate attention of the Guardians where it is dealt with immediately. As you look at your partner, making eye contact with you, it’s quite possible to follow their gaze back to where you think you are and to fail to find yourself, in a way that opens consciousness to an experience of center-less totality. It’s possible to move beyond fleeting glances, and slow down, even for just a few intentional moments and give each other the full undivided attention we so deeply crave. A person who is not adept at witchcraft could easily send out baneful, energy willy-nilly after unwittingly creating a Cone of Power though intense anger or, rage without conscious intention of harm. 8. Many of the recorded effects of eye contact were also observed in people who eye gazed with images of faces with open eyes. I feel it too, I’m not only doing it. “Feel the consciousness of each person as your own consciousness. Sit comfortably, and drop seven drops of the oil or the water on the surface of the mirror and using the piece of cloth sweep the surface with circular moves clockwise looking in the mirror and seeing yourself as you want to be. And as Philosopher Alan Watts says, there are no misshapen clouds. Advances psychic and intuitive powers that also develop your problem-solving skills in life. Enhancing self-awareness can lead to increased insight into the nature of the self, which is valuable for anyone interested in self-inquiry styles of meditation. Submitted On January 09, 2010. It can be tempting to focus on one eye, or a spot elsewhere on the face. To find healing, we need to find each other. I’ve sometimes thought that I knew more at age 15 than I do now.”. It’s a little more than simply ‘stare at the sun’ and a little less than a Surya Namaskar. Many people would have hardly heard that mirrors could also be used for meditation, in this post we will see one such unique practice that is considered as a very powerful tool for the spiritual growth. Caution and Tips Splash cold water on your eyes and keep wet cloth or cotton on eyes for a while after doing this meditation in order to avoid any irritations […] And for a few seconds, you can peek through into a vault, that contains everything they are. 4. Alternative Realities and Parallel Universes: Are You Living Them? I could feel sadness’s slow burn in my chest as it spread through his face and began to crawl out of his eyes, eventually bending him over. What is Mirror Gazing Meditation? A simple prayer for protection, a few choice words that you can create yourself incorporating help and safety from spirits with the emphasis on love and light. Gradually, you will be able to do it for longer duration, but initially keep your session between 10-13 minutes. Maharishi taught the Masters the method of developing harmony in the family as well as in the place of work, as an application of the benefits derived by doing Mirror gazing/lamp gazing, to enable them to do SKY service effectively with utmost peace of mind. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Whatever you do comes, 4. It was so powerful that I began to shake. The calm confidence of our practice and drug-induced, low-grade euphoria swept the usual discomfort away. The study further generated 700 photographs in this observation period where the neurons in his brain were actively growing and not dying. Another Sufi gazing practice, little known and rarely discussed, is mirror gazing. https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Willoughby_Bedford/522095, Reference and Education: Paranormal The Guardians will follow. ourselves. You may close your eyes or look away from the mirror as you take some time to relax. You will eventually begin to see the mirror clouding over. Neither of these things was as wonderful and intense as the main event — pouring our awareness on each other; loving, being loved; accepting, being accepted. You are simply looking at the face of another person. In her experience as a content writer, she has had the opportunity to work on several fields with Psychology being her favorite. Where is your face? Each color is defined by the several vital organs of the body. The tyrant in my mind was no longer the only show in town. Try not to focus on the cloudy shapes that pass by. In fact, it is one of the most powerful natural resources available to all of us. At this phase, the sungazer reaches the safe-peak of sungazing that is 44 minutes. Sungazers and studies reveal that with the continued exposure to the sun for such long periods, your brain is exposed to all the colors of sun which compels the physical diseases to leave your body. I have seen this performed in candle light; two candles placed a distance behind the person performing the mirror gaze. Improves eyesight and enables peaceful sleep. Use a fan or a white noise device to block outside noises (ear plugs may also work). Sometimes, the problems we are encountering are not actually being created by an outside force, but are manifestations of unhealthy habits or thoughts from within ourselves. You can also send me your queries using the contact page. How Does this Sun Gazing Science Relate to History? You can also document your progress so that it further lends help to people who are still wondering whether or not they must adopt this practice. When I did finally sit down across from some of my closest male friends and held their gaze, they agreed it was definitely worth it. With this noble intention, Maharishi taught the Masters of SKY the wonderful technique of getting(drawing)Universal magnetism at one’s own will, whenever it is required not only to maintain Holistic Health but also to help others to be initiated into different stages of SKY. My obsession with eye contact meditation started the first time I tried it. Thoughts and emotions can continue to arise but when you are looking at another person and they are looking at you and you no longer feel that you are behind your face, you no longer feel like your behind the mask of your face. 3. If you are in a deep enough trance state, you will eventually begin to see the clouds taking the form of a human shape or shapes. We can be the loving awareness we may struggle to be for ourselves, for the people we love or are trying to love. Mirror mirror on the wall,who is the fairest of them all? You don’t get anything out of this meditation from your ability to gaze for longer periods, the success here is all about how much you are able to detach yourself from your thought process. However, in modern times, this practice was hidden in plain sight until Hira Ratan Manek decided to manifest it in 1962. We set a ten-minute timer in the form of a wonderful song and began what was to become our first eye contact meditation. Experience of unconditional love and inner peace. With unfocused eyes, gaze into the mirror. Sometime later, he sat back up and we resumed. For instance, Kidney – red, Heart – yellow, Liver – green, etc and when these colors reach them, it satisfies all the deficiencies and enables 360-degree growth of the body. But meditation isn’t all roses and chubby Buddha’s belly laughing the suffering away. Maharishi’s earnest intention was to guide a SKY practitioner not only to achieve the goal of life but also to become a Master of SKY and help as many number of people as possibleto attain perfection so as to enable the Master to enjoy everlasting peace and ecstasy by doing this great spiritual service. Promotes balance in your life which also increases your inner strength. Why not use a mirror to reflect back baneful energy? Do you see where this is going? By witnessing, instead of reacting, this possibility of fear can be rendered a non-issue. Maharishi’s earnest wish was that the benefits derived by him by doing these practices should be enjoyed by the entire humanity. To find each other, we need to find ourselves. Place the mirror at a distance in a way that becomes comfortable for your eyes to gaze at your mirror image (a mirror size of about 12*6 inches is usually preferred and the distance should be around 2 feet). Then immediately cover the mirror with the cloth and put it in a safe place. If you use mirror magick to reflect back the unwanted energy to it's source, then you would be attacking yourself. From the Egyptians to Aztecs, and even Tibetans, everyone has recognized Sun as the divine source of energy since time immemorial. If you can learn to your mind activity, you will be able to easily concentrate on the mirror once again. Step 4: Visualize yourself being empowered by the sun, because you are. Sometimes we are effected by a stream of energy that has been unintentionally, directed at us. If you are being consciously attacked by someone who is adept at focusing and, channeling energy, then you can be sure that they are also adept at sensing the energy, reflected back. Start small and don’t go beyond 44 mins or it can damage your eyes’ retina. The idea that we can improve our meditation through social practice may seem to carry contradictions as well, especially when so much of the pain we are processing in meditation is caused by others. Use it if you want to begin using your beauty mirror. And a third type of gazing, called sagale-naseer, involves concentrating the gaze on one’s nose tip. Inside the chaos of shapes that replaced my head, a new face emerged. (1). 14. Before we follow ahead in detail, let’s understand the basic concept. "The Lady of Shalott" Alfred Lord Tennyson. This isn’t to say Mirror Meditation can’t be rough (especially on psychedelics). It is possible to look for yourself in this way, and to fail to find it in a way that changes your perception of the world and of consciousness in each moment. 14. That is the process of mirror gazing or transfiguration. Set a spot to sit at a comfortable distance from your partner. Some events in Maharishi’s life from which we can know how he was able to develop and maintain maximum intensity of his bio-magnetism and to do marvelous tasks in the development of WCSC: Maharishi was maintaining maximum intensity of his bio-magnetism developed by him not only by the practices mentioned above but also by doing meditation, observing silence, by adopting the principle of ‘Limit and Method’ and by leading virtuous way of life.Once he demonstrated the intensity of his bio-magnetism during a Master’s course conducted in the Temple of Consciousness, Aliyar, as narrated below: Maharishi, while sitting in a chair on the dais, moved (waved) his right palm (keeping it open facing the participants) horizontally and asked the participants to keep their palms open (facing the dais) and also to fix their mind on their palms.

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