maximilian i, holy roman emperor

Much of Aus­tria was under Hun­gar­ian rule when he took power, as they had oc­cu­pied the ter­ri­tory under the reign of Fred­er­ick. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. He was the son of Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor, and Eleanor of Portugal. [13] The local rulers wanted more independence from the Emperor and a strengthening of their own territorial rule. [7], Maximilian and Mary's wedding contract stipulated that their children would succeed them but that the couple could not be each other's heirs. In order to surround France, Maximilian in 1490 married Duchess Anne of Brittany by proxy but could not forestall an invasion of Brittany by the French. While he secured Netherlands by his own marriage, Hungary and Bohemia became a part of his empire through military pressure and treaty. In 1488 he was taken captive and held for more than three months in Brugge, where he watched from his window as several of his companions were executed. [43][44] He referred to these projects as Gedechtnus ("memorial"),[44][45] which included a series of stylised autobiographical works: the epic poems Theuerdank and Freydal, and the chivalric novel Weisskunig, both published in editions lavishly illustrated with woodcuts. - Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor Biography,, Top NBA Players With No Championship Rings, The Hottest Male Celebrities With The Best Abs. Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I (centre right) at the First Congress of Vienna, 1515. However, the organ failed and Maximilian regained absolute power in 1502. Dynastie und Kaiserreiche. [34] The marriages he arranged for both of his children more successfully fulfilled the specific goal of thwarting French interests, and after the turn of the sixteenth century, his matchmaking focused on his grandchildren, for whom he looked away from France towards the east. Maximilian also gave a bizarre jousting helmet as a gift to King Henry VIII – the helmet's visor featured a human face, with eyes, nose and a grinning mouth, and was modelled after the appearance of Maximilian himself. In 1496, Maximilian issued a decree which expelled all Jews from Styria and Wiener Neustadt. In February 1486, Maximilian was elected as the King of Romans. He strengthened his European position by an agreement with France, and he regained prestige within the empire by victories in a dynastic war between Bavaria and the Rhenish Palatinate (1504). In 1508, with the assent of Pope Julius II, he became the elected Roman Emperor, thus ending the customary tradition of the Holy Roman Emperor being crowned by the pope. However, the victorious league was followed by a massive debacle in 1515 that thwarted Maximilian’s effort to regain Milan., The Catholic Encyclopedia - Biography of Maximilian I, The Famous People - Biography of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor, Aeiou Encycloprdia - Biography of Maximilian I, The Baldwin Project - Biography of MAXIMILIAN I, Luminarium Encyclopedia - Biography of Maximilian I, lord chancellor Berthold, archbishop of Mainz. The canopy is made entirely from golden shingles. Using Burgundian institutions as a model, he attempted to create a unified state. Furthermore, he made his presence felt in Spain by acquiring the Spanish empire through betrothal of his children. The Swiss won a decisive victory against the Empire in the Battle of Dornach on 22 July 1499. Soon, the district became his favourite place of residence. After the death of king Matthias Corvinus of Hungary, the Habsburgs were able to occupy the Austrian territories without military conflict. The Fuggers, who dominated the copper and silver mining business in Tyrol, provided a credit of almost 1 million gulden for the purpose of bribing the prince-electors to choose Maximilian's grandson Charles V as the new Emperor. Towards the end of his life, Maximilian diverted his energy towards succession rights of Charles V, his grandson. In his infancy, he and his parents were besieged in Vienna by Albert of Austria. Though he claimed to be recognized as the guardian of Philip and regent of Netherlands, his demands were not adhered to. [10], In 1501, Maximilian fell from his horse and badly injured his leg, causing him pain for the rest of his life. [16][17][18], However, Charles and his sister wanted her inheritance for France. 221-222, Claims that he gained the imperial crown through bribery have been refuted. By the Treaty of Pressburg in 1491, he arranged that the succession to Bohemia and Hungary would pass to the Habsburgs if Vladislas left no male heir. The Treaty of Brussels granted Milan to the French and Verona to the Venetians, leaving Maximilian with only the territorial boundaries of Tirol. After Mary's death in a riding accident on 27 March 1482 near the Wijnendale Castle, Maximilian's aim was now to secure the inheritance to his and Mary's son, Philip the Handsome. Maximilian had appointed his daughter Margaret as both Regent of the Netherlands and the guardian and educator of his grandsons Charles and Ferdinand (their father, Philip, having predeceased Maximilian), and she fulfilled this task well. [42] Much of the work was done in his lifetime, but it was not completed until decades later. During his initial years of rule, greater part of Austria was under Hungarian rule. Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor (Plaque), 1650-75 (made). As the Treaty of Senlis had resolved French differences with the Holy Roman Empire, King Louis XII of France had secured borders in the north and turned his attention to Italy, where he made claims for the Duchy of Milan.

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