korean cafe etiquette

Put all your food on this before you eat it; although it’s tempting, eating directly from communal dishes is seen as rude. Instead, discreetly place them out of sight in a napkin. When it comes to mealtime, the eldest person at the table should always be served first. How to Order Food in Korean Like a True Local Basic Dining Etiquette in Korean Restaurants. Similarly, people who disrupt the group harmony with their individual issues might be frowned upon. Also try to bow when shaking hands, to at least the same level as the other person. Korea is well-known for its distinctive culture and traditions. An Asian take on the popular banana bread, this... Indonesian Fried Banana Balls, or Cekodok Pisang, is a... Every culture in the world has its dining etiquette that embodies the values, traditions, and civility of its people. Don’t ever blow your nose at the table. Don’t hold your chopsticks and spoon together at the same time, never use your chopsticks like skewers, and never stab them in your bowl of rice – which is a funeral ritual. Here are some of my favourite resources that will help you save time and money on your journey to Seoul: Hotels In Seoul:Myeongdong | Hongdae | Gangnam, Things To Do In Seoul:Klook | Trazy | Get Your Guide | Voyagin, Travel & Tour Passes:T-Money Card | Discover Seoul Pass, Internet / Mobile:4g Sim Card | Portable 4g WiFi, Airport Transportation:AREX Train Ticket | Incheon Airport Pickup, Disclaimer: This site contains affiliate links and I may earn commission for purchases made after clicking one of these links. If you see a restaurant with a shoe rack by the entrance, then you should take your shoes off before you enter. Don't take so much food that you can't finish, as that is considered wasteful. People will walk around the table and pour a shot of soju for another person. Learn the Secrets of Chinese Cooking. Thanks for pointing it out. Don’t forget to pay the bill if you’re the one who did the inviting. This helps to make the meal more enjoyable for everyone. Always pour for others at the table, and let them fill yours. Scared of making a whole bunch of cultural faux pas? When using chopsticks, don’t point with them or leave them sticking out of your bowl. You can say: 식사하셨어요?Sigsahasyeoss-eoyo?Have you eaten? Don’t place the undesired bits of food in your rice bowl. This guide to Korean etiquette is here to help you understand how to avoid making mistakes and cultural faux pas when visiting South Korea. Once the meal is done, it’s respectful to wait for the oldest person to leave the table first. If you’re offered that seat, it’s polite to respectfully decline. You can also tuck your spare hand under your arm as if you’re hugging yourself. This applies if you’re having a formal dinner with Korean people, particularly in a business situation. As mentioned previously regarding pouring drinks, two hands are better than one. Wait for the oldest person/people to sit down first before you take a seat at the table. Don’t stick your chopsticks straight up in your food. This classic World Café Etiquette graphic illustration was created by reflective visual graphics professional Avril Orloff for you to print out as a poster for your World Café event… there are three sizes to choose from, depending on your needs.. Large (1.4M) prints up to 18″x18″ Just remember: whether you’re a man or a woman, you should always bow when departing. Korean meals have many communal side dishes you should treat them the same way you would food at a cocktail party. Don’t eat too fast or too slow. Don’t get up until the most senior guest finishes eating. Instead, excuse yourself to go to the restroom if you feel the need to do so. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if this question comes up a few times. Some places will specifically ask diners not to tip. It's not only disrespectful but also considered a sign of bad luck. Koreans use a spoon and a set of chopsticks when dining. Like Korean meals and snacks, Korean drinks are all insanely interesting and wildly different from one another and from drinks that are popular in most other countries.Whether you’re looking for something warm, something sweet, or something that’ll fill you up, read through our list to satiate your thirst for Korean culture!. Want to learn Korean before you travel to Korea? If you don’t use two hands when pouring drinks in South Korea, you could be considered rude. You will have a small plate in front of you. A quick cultural note – Korea has a large (and growing) population of retirees and they are surprisingly active. Instead, rest them against your plate as mentioned earlier. Age can dictate the way you act or behave to someone, who gets to get on the subway first, who eats at dinner first, and even who pays for meals when you’re out. You can do this by closely observing the person’s body language, tone of voice, and what they say during the conversation. We’ve become pros at navigating the terrain, from how to handle the co-ed jimjilbang to the dos and don’ts of the in-house cafe. You may seem like you’re judging the morals of those drinking. Don’t lay your chopsticks on the table. You need to take care of kibun to keep harmony. Informal Settings. Top 3 Tips For Understanding Korean Culture, Travelling Around Guide To Korean Etiquette, Public Behaviour Guide To Korean Etiquette, How To Save Money In Seoul in 2020: 15 Money Saving Secrets, Where To See Snow In Seoul And Korea 2020: 10 Awesome Spots, Ultimate South Korea Bucket List: 50 Things To Do In Korea, Where To See Autumn Leaves In Korea & Seoul 2020: Best Spots, 7 Things To Do In Bukchon Hanok Village In Seoul In 2020, What Is Fan Death? What is considered rude in some cultures is very normal in Korea, and vice versa. So, don’t. Younger people may not follow this rule so strictly, however. I love your blog and impress how accurate the information. Kibun is a word with no literal English translation; the closest terms are pride, face, mood, feelings, or state of mind. One way to ask how someone is in Korea is to ask them if they’ve eaten yet. Korean Fan Death Myth Explained, 10 Best Mountains To Hike In Korea At Any Time. Instead, swallow your food and then speak. For example, Mr. Kim or Mrs. Song. Instead, persevere and make the effort to use your chopsticks (or spoon). The spoon is for your rice and soup, and your chopsticks are for everything else — it’s uncouth to use both your spoon and chopsticks at the same time. This also means that it is your neighbor's job to keep your glass refilled as well. Here are some of the most important things to know when dining out: Many restaurants in South Korea have traditional floor tables with no chairs. His problem was only shaking with one hand and keeping the other in his pocket. First! While this may seem excessive to some cultures, it does help prevent the spread of germs. That’s why it’s important to brush up on your Korean etiquette, so you can glide through social interactions easily while focusing more on speaking Korean fluently. Don’t lay your chopsticks parallel to one another across the top of your rice bowl. For Koreans, having good table manners brings harmony to everyone sharing the meal, and lets you truly savour the myriad of rich flavours together. I often grab a kimbap or sandwich for the long journey between Seoul and Daejeon or other places. I'm also the Resident Polyglot at Drops and the Head Coach of the Fluent in 3 Months Challenge. This guide to Korean etiquette wouldn’t be complete without including the rule that I break most often, especially during winter. It’s best described as pride, face, mood, feelings, or state of mind. Instead, allow your guests to offer to pay the bill, but gracefully decline their offers and cover the bill yourself. Introduction Welcome to Korea-Canada blog, I am Malibu.Unicorn and am a Korean-Canadian born in Korea. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. When someone senior pours a drink for you, hold out your cup with both hands to accept (this also holds for someone passing you a side dish or something else at the table). So, the next time you enjoy a Korean meal, remember these 10 basic rules: Say ‘Jal-mukkes-seub-nida’, which means ‘I will eat well’, or ‘I will enjoy this meal’ – a polite show of appreciation for the food you receive and the person who cooked it. Mastering Korean etiquette requires that you learn these differences and anticipate them. You will see seats reserved for elderly, disabled, pregnant, or injured people on the subway and buses. It is alright, however, if you leave a few grains of rice in your bowl. This includes receiving business cards, presents, hotel keys, or such things. If something sweet comes at the end of dinner, it will be fruit, always peeled. This is a pretty serious one and I’ve been in trouble for doing it in the past. Thailand), public displays of affection such as kissing and hugging are frowned upon in Korea. To understand the rules for Korean etiquette, it is first necessary to understand some basic principles about Korean culture and how it is different from your own culture. In large cities like Seoul, pushing, shoving, and touching occur regularly. no fingers!). I ate well). If there are drinks being poured (such as for a toast), then don’t pour one for yourself. Keep your rice bowl on the table at all times while eating. Then I’d wholeheartedly recommend 90 Day Korean to help you study Korean wherever you are in the world. Focus on your meal and conversations with your loved ones at the table. This is especially true in a formal setting, in which case you’ll want to wait for someone to fill yours. Best to hide them if you can. Feel like you’d enjoy K-pop, drama, and movies a lot more if you knew what was being said without subtitles? This is actually different than what is considered appropriate in either China or Japan. Korea is well-known for its distinctive culture and traditions. You have finally made it to South Korea, and are totally excited to get your trip – or new life – going. Korean etiquette is not the same as Western etiquette. Crossing your legs is seen as being lazy or disrespectful to the other person. If you’re offered that seat, it’s polite to respectfully decline. Instead, place the chopsticks on top of your bowl when you’re not using them. Thanks. I hadn’t realised that’s what the badge was! I’m confused about this one as it is the opposite to how I was raised in England. 10 Basic Rules of Korean Dining Etiquette Every culture in the world has its dining etiquette that embodies the values, traditions, and civility of its people. Courtesy of Dustin Cole. Instead, turn away slightly. Whether you’re in someone’s home or a restaurant, always wait until your host seats you. It’s best to wait until the most senior person picks up their chopsticks and begins eating before beginning to eat yourself. Sometimes there will be a mixture of dining options, with regular tables and chairs and then a raised section with a wooden floor and low tables. Or you can wear couple clothing. Try to avoid sitting on them, and definitely give up your seat to someone who needs it more than you. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, 14 Tea Recipes You Can Easily Brew Up at Home, A List of Marvelous Modern Korean Dishes and Drinks, Introducing Dim Sum, the Traditional Chinese Brunch, Dine Like an Indian! If you’re meeting friends of friends, your internet penpal, or maybe even a few chaps at the pub, greeting etiquette in Korea is quite relaxed. This site is powered by Site Ground and Generate Press. Basically, enjoy every dish at the table. This is considered extremely rude. You can get to know me here. (Not to mention how useful speaking a foreign language can be). Touching someone unfamiliar is extremely insulting in Korean etiquette. Instead, put down your chopsticks if you need to talk with your hands. And when someone bumps into you in Korea, don’t expect an apology. When it comes to learning a language, there is so much more that needs to go on beyond learning words and vocabulary. Begin your meal with a taste of soup or stews. Instead, serve yourself only what you’ll finish. In Korean, people say Jalmukesumneda (I will eat well).

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