history of gin in england

If you only remember one thing from today, it’s to send me money. So, the term “Dutch Courage” came into it’s place of … One being that the gin craze raged in London between 1720 and 1751, during which time adults would drink an average of half a pint of gin a day. What’s more, this went alongside hefty financial incentives for the public to inform the authorities about any suspicions or tip-offs on illegal gin production. Anyone was allowed to distil their own gin; the lack of quality control causing it to taste foul. As a cocktail base, or simply poured on the rocks, gin drinking has become a seriously classy part of British culture, losing the bad reputation of its earlier years. But how did gin reinvent itself from being something drunk by children in slums just 80 years prior? The trouble was, of course, that indiscriminate drinking culture brought massive social problems of its own. When you think gin, do you think English? The trouble was, of course, that indiscriminate drinking culture brought massive social problems of its own. From the classic martini to the Gimlet to the Tom Collins, the same cocktails that knocked F. Scott Fitzgerald and his cronies cockeyed are again being shaken and stirred up at taverns everywhere. As they didn’t need sugar or other nasty ingredients to hide the taste, gin from the 1830s onwards was much cleaner and brighter. Ask what Eli Whitney has to do with any of it, and you’ll be told “That’s the ‘cotton gin’ and is totally unrelated. Gordon’s Gin is now the world’s best selling London Dry gin. It didn’t take long for this lovely liquor to hop across the English Channel in a big way. And going to the last news of Gin history which revived its great effect was in the year 1920, Gin triumphed as a latest cocktail drink and it became the darling of famous Cunard Cruises. The story of English gin reads like proof that creative and inspiring things can come from difficult and turbulent beginnings. Gin, in its most basic terms, is a liquor of approximately 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof) or greater that is derived from grain distillation and primarily flavored with juniper berries (or juniper extract). Over the eight years that followed, 45,000 beer shops opened across the UK – more than 15 a day. More importantly, they were far more glamorous and exciting than the competing beer shops. What’s more, the complete lack of regulation on all the questionable additions to the popular drink means the whole industry was getting extremely dangerous. Anyway, since you sort of asked, the device’s name is derived from a shortening of the word ‘engine’ and was first patented in the 1790s.”.

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