happy hens and highlands farm location

Surprised, Adam told her he was, and the two got to talking. The couple has been able to share advice with local farmers, be it what to do when a calf is sick to the best ways to build a fence. “Farming doesn’t have to be a struggle,” Adam said. “We went from being no one to having the world’s most famous cows,” Adam said. A few months later he posted again and got more than 100 likes. The Happy Hens and Highlands Instagram account has over 82,500 followers, and it Facebook page has more than 52,000 likes. They are interacted with daily, so they are very docile. National media outlets got wind of Baby James' fight and picked up his story. The rewards outweigh the hard work and setbacks, Adam said. Followers from around the world watched the saga of James' illness play out, Emily said. Good friends of mine have a farm that raises chickens and Highlands cows. Already have an account? and our All content from social networks copyright their respective owners. But life on the farm isn’t all fun and games, Emily said. 5.433 Happy Hens and Highlands raises registered Scottish Highland cattle & sells unique Scottish Highland merchandise and art. Members can Forgot email, username, or password? Jaala lost her mother Farren this weekend. We started getting hundreds of followers and then it started becoming an addiction.”. In the last severalyears, the farm was featured by Daily Mail, Inside Edition, People, CBS and several news tabloids in the United Kingdom. We do not take our animals for granted. By signing up, you agree to our All rights reserved. Claim your own profile and join 200K influencers, Adam and Emily brought the calf inside their home, where he stayed for three weeks as he built up strength. In this video I show you a some of the animals. Merchandise sales, including T-shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, and stuffed animals, help to offset vet bills and feed the animals, Emily said. “You get to go to all of these different places, meet so many interesting people and you build these great connections and friends,” Adam said. Login or Sign Up We want to make sure that our animals are happy and have the best life possible! One of the turning points for the farm, Adam and Emily said, was the story of Baby James, a cow who was oxygen deprived at birth and unable to nurse. By later that day, he had found them a cow. “It inspires you not to quit, to just keep digging in.”. Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. “You’re Baby James’ daddy, aren’t you,” she asked Hopson. average cost per post. Privacy Policy. The way Adam is holding him made him look like a teddy bear, Emily said. Our Fold is composed of Scottish Highlands and a few Scottish Highland crosses. Every week, the brewery donates its spent grains to the farm to help feed the animals. We also rescue unwanted or sick farm animals and help rehabilitate them and find them homes. Click the button below to login or create a free account. We started out by raising our own poultry for eggs. Learn More. Neither Emily nor Adam had much prior experience in livestock farming, but when Adam was laid off in 2014, the idea for a farm took root. Nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina, is the home of Happy Hens & Highlands Farm. Sign in. A few weeks later, a second call came, with the chance to buy 24 more Highlands. creators, businesses and experts on influence.co. They have been given to us by our Creator and we are grateful for them. We quickly got too attached for that, and thanks to social media the farm was able to go in another direction. © 2020 www.citizen-times.com. Please enter your email address to get started. Terms of Service In February 2015, a photo was taken of Adam holding a calf named Cody, who was freezing during a winter storm. Emily had wanted a Scottish Highland cow for a while, she said. contact each other, get access to advanced search tools, see Plus, Adam said, the cows became members of the family, ones they could never kill. “I started posting our daily life and cute pictures, and people just started freaking out about it and liking it up like crazy. Terms of Service Sign up to see audience demographics of people similar to @happyhensandhighlands. we are located near Asheville, NC. One morning, Adam looked at one of the cows and thought it would make a great picture that people would want to see. Soon after, it was discovered James had a life-threatening infection. “I was like, what is this dumb site, whatever.”. and our creators, businesses and experts in the industry. There was even a Snapchat filter to turn one's face into a Highland cow that debuted after their farm was featured on the Daily Mail Snapchat story, Emily said. “We started getting a little bit of attention and I was like, ‘actually, this is kind of cool,’” Adam said. He made a few photos and created a Happy Hens and Highlands Instagram page. Visit my Amazon Store: “We went from … 3,589 talking about this. Our cattle are raised for registered breeding stock, pasture pets, and to sell to hobby farms to use for mowing down pastures. Find @happyhensandhighlands Instagram stats, Facebook and other social media profiles and rankings. “I was actually skeptical of Instagram at the time,” Adam said, laughing. Anyway we got Jaala caught and moved into the barn. Total reach: 241863. signing up. She just turned 6 months old, so thankfully is old enough to wean. $102.45 The Happy Hens and Highlands Instagram account has over 82,500 followers, and it Facebook page has more than 52,000 likes. Happy Hens and Highlands raises registered Scottish Highland Cattle. “We were trying to figure out what to do, we were trying to be more sustainable,” Emily said. Videos of daily life at happy hens and highlands farm. Copyright 2020 Marmont, Inc. Made in LA, San Diego, Melbourne, Denver, New York and Las Vegas. The photo made its way to Reddit, where it went viral, Adam said. We then added cattle to the farm with the intentions of raising grass-fed beef. We believe that God made us to be stewards of the Earth. 185.7k Followers, 284 Following, 2,220 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Happy Hens & Highlands (@happyhensandhighlands) average engagement rate. We always joke that our niche on social media found us.”. Happy Hens and Highlands raises registered Scottish Highland Cattle. Click here. Our merchandise sales helps to keep the farm in business. At first, nothing happened, Adam said. "These words of encouragement, that's what motivates me to keep digging in," Adam said. We now raise AHCA registered highland cattle for breeding stock (we only allow our babies to go to amazing homes). Several surgeries and months of expensive treatments later, James emerged as a healthy calf who has bonded with a gang of orphans cows purchased to provide him company.

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