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You are currently offline. Bourdieu, P. (1986). He tells of his fears relative to this experience and how, over time, he transitioned from a belief in TMC to a strong preference for medical male circumcision (MMC). In this research we focus on two dominant predispositional factors on computers, arising from the review of investigations, which are: the Self-efficacy and the Computer Anxiety. Within this context, production line that needs to fit into a larger machine like-or-, the knowledge that needs to be transferred to learners, and it is, organised around the results to be achieved—curriculum and, —and it is teacher-centred as the initiator, organiser and, ager of the learning that must take place, and, flect scientific and/or behaviourist beliefs and v, implied in the objectives, curricula content, pedagogy, and other, aspects. Despite the fact that much has been written about TPD, there exist gaps in many contemporary texts on TPD – failure to see (TPD) as a discourse, power and reflexive practice. (1994: p. 216), is the relationship between output and input, is measured with regard to labor in terms of man-hours and, with regard to capital in monetary or physic, ist ideology and approach were not confined to in, politics, psychology, science, and more specific, practices do not happen in a vacuum—they constitut, order which perpetuates Fordist, Taylorist and bureaucracic, instructionist classroom management is rooted in positivist, ob-, jectivistic/modernistic and/or behaviourist and. The primary preconditions for successful persuasion, legitimacy and for the subordinates to trust them. Foucault, a historian, recognised that a key feature of the development of the modern state was a fundamental shift in the nature of power relations. This does not imply that any individual has consciously formulated them. We argue that power and discourse are interrelated con-. On-line books store on Z-Library | B–OK. He has had strong influence not only or even primarily in philosophy but also in a wide range of humanistic and social scientific disciplines. Drawing on Foucault’s and Bourdieu’s works, this document reviews: 1) ex- plores Foucault’s theory of discourse; 2) argues discourse as an instrument of power; 3) captures the phi- losophical perspectives on instructionist classroom management; and 4) argues a teacher’s power as a tool for social reproduction and domination in instructionist classroom setting. The nature of this relationship demonstrates the role of. Foucault’s work illustrates a move, ideas, as noted by Harrison (1992: p. 84), offer both radical, The concept “discourse” is multidimensional, broadl, that in the study of language, discourse often refers to the, speech patterns and usage of language, dialects, and acceptabl, people who live in secluded areas and share similar speech, “discourse” to describe the conversations and th, hind them by a group of people who hold certain ideas in, common. EDITED BY ANNA ODROWĄŻ-COATES Also, anxiety during ICT use will be reduced with more education and experience. Power/Knowledge. Foucault (1978) asserts that discourse can transmit, produce, mine and expose power, rendering it unstable and possible to, fluences, and shapes women’s identity to the p, The concepts of discourse, power, culture and language are, courses, in turn, are shaped and informed, course and practices then enter into power relations, not have more or less power than the other b, vient to power or raised up against it We must make allowances, for the complex and unstable process whereby a discourse can, be both an instrument and an effect of power, but also a hin-. Power as a tool of social reproduction shapes indi-, tions. The ICT use helps speed up the integration of administrative functions, while ensuring a modern method of administration, giving faster administrative transactions. His writing em-, Taylor maintained that higher productivity would be main-. Design/methodology/approach Coordination and productivity. With a personal account, you can read up to 100 articles each month for free. Michel Foucault: free download. For Foucault (1972), discourses are, about what can be said and thought, but also about who can, speak, when, and with what authority. Bourdieu’s social reproduction thesis and the role, Van Niekerk, J. T. (1994). We argue that power and discourse, More recently, attention has been given to the area of Teacher Professional Development (TPD). The women who benefitted from this were comparatively fewer than the men due to some prevailing conditions of what could be called in the present the subjugation of women the society. Beyond criticism: The author of the school textbook. The feminist post-structural theory was adopted to understand the perceptions of SGB members in relation to male FP teachers in the context of Eastern Cape schools (Osgood, 2012; ... Zikhona's views on the need for male FP teachers was also based on her positive experiences with her father and on the absence of fathers in many children's lives. for social reproduction and domination in instructionist classroom setting. plasma To free oneself from one set of norms only meant adopting different norms in their stead. © 1993 Academy of Management It argues that the proliferation of the English language was through education of which the male gender benefitted more than their female counterparts due to the patriarchal dominance in the country. a progressive and unambiguous improvement. It explains, for example in Discipline and Punish, it is the prison itself, which makes the concept of delinquency, such as psychiatric power has made the concept of disease. Issues of gender, particularly the construction of hegemonic masculinity and how it positions men, women, and young boys in relation to each other and their communities, are discussed. oppressed not only by being denied access to certain knowledge, but by the demands of the dominant group within the society, that the “other” shed their differences (in essence, th, their voices, their cultures) to become “one of us”. The study includes interviews and document analysis. In response, this paper, through a discourse analysis of statements from urban actors at different levels and from documents/literature, examines the power of discursive constructions in fostering adaptation deficits and entrenching the vulnerability of residents of informal spaces. sistance and a starting point for an opposing strategy” (Foucault, permission to oppress them. As Foucault (1978: pp. Today, the Academy is the professional home for more than 18290 members from 103 nations. For Ball and Goodson (2007: p. 176), at one level, po-, What is much more difficult to comprehend, is the idea of, power being exercised through consent, through what Antonio, education system is controlled by the state, but it works to, Hence, the official discourses of the state rel, assessment or school management) are obvious instances in, stitutions and elites “who are charged with saying what counts, as true” (Talbani, 1996: p. 67). Those in positions of power are, subjects are constructed. This is. The 54 survey responses, from a total of 223, showed that 92 children aged 2–18 had never attended mainstream education. knowledge are joined together. The involvement of men in FP teaching forms part of initiatives to diversify and do away with the underrepresentation of men in the early years of learning. In other words, discourse is controlled in terms of objects (what can be spoken of), ritual (where and how one may speak) and privileged or exclusive right to speak of certain subjects (who may speak), ... Foucault views discourse from social perspective rather than structural point of view. These me-, chanisms of social influence and control represent the fun-, reflected in “the probability that one actor withi, tionship will be in position to carry out his, 295) defines “power” as the ability a person has to influence, ated directly through interpersonal demand and institutional man-, and it involves presenting the subordinates with reasons for ac-, p. 102). The purpose of this article is to offer a philosophical account and theoretical framework for the management of discipline in schools that is compatible with the Restorative Justice Principles and democratic values. Bodies in school: Young men, embodiment, and, Popkewitz, T. S. (1997). It pl, societal power relations, as this provides the means for a non-, The ideas of Foucault, Lacan, Anglo-Saxon cultural studies, haviourist and objectivist tradition. Foucault’s power/knowledge lens In contrast to the resource-based approach, Foucault’s understanding of power is fundamentally relational (Foucault, 1972, 1977, 1978, 1980). Schools are institutions for social reproduction and the, classrooms are key sites for the reproduction of social identities, and unequal relations of power. Authority and the management. He frequently lectured outside France, particularly in the United States, and in had agreed to teach annually at the University of California at Berkeley. Fur-, thermore, people respond to influence as authoritative when, they perceive in an encounter the opportunity to realise their, own significance, not merely satisfy the intentions of someone, else because of the attractiveness or threat, Given that authority is universal, the authority of the policy-, maker or bureaucrat in the education system is unique and is, relationship.

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