drug bust in oak cliff

Now you can see the COVID-19 risk anywhere in the country, in real time. “They picked on easy targets, and they knew what they were doing.”. A Dallas County jury Wednesday night gave a 60-year sentence to a 21-year-old woman convicted of a murder at an Oak Cliff drug house. In 2001, Dallas detectives poured about $500,000 into the pockets of tipsters for information leading to the arrest of drug dealers. “Unless they handed over Pablo Escobar, you’ve got to wonder. “You’re not going to believe this,” the operator told the lawyer, “but I just did a case for [another Dallas defense attorney] that sounded exactly like this.”. America’s separate information universes will make it hard to end the “grim era of demonization.”, San Francisco, facing a coronavirus uptick, shuts down indoor dining again, Thanksgiving threatens new super-spreading danger. “We will do whatever it takes,” he said. 5 years ago. “We may never know exactly what happened.”. Scores of drug prosecutions have been dismissed. Some of the court-appointed lawyers urged the suspected drug dealers to plead guilty. Atty. He shot Daniel Barron five times when Barron opened the door. “It’s horrifying to think about these people strutting around the streets in their shiny boots and guns, and maybe they’re dirtier than the people they’re supposed to protect us from.”. Can you have Thanksgiving during the COVID-19 pandemic? Another man, Terome Omar Richardson, was found guilty of murder earlier this year and sentenced to life in prison. “They used him as a patsy or red herring to dilute their money trail,” White said. Researchers have created an interactive map that estimates the risk you’ll face in any county. And after all that, no federal authorities had been notified of the large cocaine seizure. The suspect: a Mexican immigrant. Let's get Google on board. The mechanic and his wife struck Barbare as honest, but it was more than that. Some of the mechanics and day laborers who languished in jail, unable to make bond, claimed they had been framed. Bolton admitted his detectives had paid a top informant hundreds of thousands of dollars for tips that ended up leading to phony drugs. Court ended Friday after jurors found Marshall guilty in the shooting death of Daniel Barron. “I said, ‘Look, what do you think the jury will think when it’s your word against a police officer?’ ” said Bill Stovall, whose client pleaded guilty--and was deported--because he didn’t want to risk 15 years in prison with a trial. She has also written about child criminals, growing up in prison, wrongful convictions, police shootings and the flaws of eyewitness testimony. He had been arrested by a pair of detectives who quickly were becoming familiar to Barbare: Delapaz and Herrera. All of that for some weed. Prosecutors Brandon Birmingham and Mindy Sauter are asking for a life sentence. The robbery netted just $7 and cocaine. Then they would just go back to ticketing more of us for rolling stops, and other chicken ass bullshit. Under Texas law, they point out, a dealer can be prosecuted for selling any substance he believes is an illegal drug, even if he’s mistaken. *Oak Cliff is more of a side of town than just a specific neighborhood, with blacks mostly living in East and South Oak Cliff. In the past, suspects were jailed, indicted and encouraged to enter pleas, even when the “drugs,” as in these cases, had only been identified by field test, a notoriously flawed chemical experiment done by detectives at the time of arrest. Jose Luis Vega was beneath the belly of an old car the day police swarmed into the garage where he worked. White represents a Mexican bartender whose signature appears on some of the tip receipts submitted by detectives in connection with dirty busts. Police have been armed revenue enforcers for some time now. No one shades Cazzie David better than Cazzie David. “You can’t imagine the anguish,” she said. It was a sticky afternoon in August, and Vega--a 35-year-old from Mexico who doesn’t speak English--had just finished lunch. The lawyer sent the alleged cocaine to a laboratory for testing and hooked Vega up to a private polygraph machine. While curious neighbors craned their necks, Vega was taken away. The trial was delayed because a juror was out of … I like this plan. Not sure it was a huge waste of police resources, since it was based off a tip and not some extensive multi-year deep investigation. Since the bogus arrests came to light, the department’s policies have been revamped. Because one thing is clear: Somebody made money at the expense of people who didn’t speak English, couldn’t pay lawyers’ fees and didn’t quite know their rights. But there’s one hitch: White’s client says that he had nothing to do with the arrests and that his signature was forged. Cartel boss, 27 others charged in $10M drug scheme involving Dallas western-wear store, feds say Court documents say the operation funneled profits … The time-honored police practice of buying tips is a risky, and high-rolling, proposition. It is good to get these individuals off the streets and in a prison where they belong. Is there not real crime to fight? Don’t plead out. The target was Clayton Sharpless, 34, who lived at the north Oak Cliff home with a 19-year-old woman, her 4-month-old daughter and two teenagers who police say worked for Mr. Sharpless. The Vegas share a cramped bungalow in Oak Cliff, a neighborhood of Laundromats, chain-link fences and vacant … Get the laboratory tests. The informant linked to tainted case after tainted case--the one Delapaz and Herrera worked with most--is a Mexican immigrant, like most of the suspects he helped arrest. “They’ve been [dragged] through the mud,” added Bob Baskett, a lawyer for the Dallas Police Assn. Authorities arrested eight suspects with links to the Jalisco New Generation Cartel in Mexico. “He’s a good cop and he always has been,” said Bob Gorsky, who represents Delapaz. It defies logic that an informant would get that much money.”. The day Bolton faced reporters, 16 drug cases had been thrown out, and scores more were soon to follow. Busting a pot transaction. They will use the dope money to get into other criminal enterprises like human trafficking and prostitution. In all, more than 70 arrests have come unstrung this winter in a very public crescendo of bad cop work and shoddy prosecution. Bill Hill is fending off accusations that his prosecutors overlooked the faulty cases for months. The onetime suspected drug dealers--who are expected to file a bevy of civil rights lawsuits against the city--blame a vast, racist conspiracy. Outstanding work, fellas. you know, I'm ok with less crappy dirtweed on the skreets. “If you’ve got drugs in that volume, you want to get at the source. Cabinet watch: Which Texans might end up working in Joe Biden’s administration? Stay up-to-date with the crime and public safety news your neighbors are talking about. But if you ask Glenn White, informants never got their hands on the cash. “We think his name will be cleared, and he’ll be back to work.”. Amid coronavirus surge in California, 11 counties fall backward in reopening plans. It’s four times what the two detectives took home. Two narcotics detectives have been suspended. Dallas County at ‘very dangerous point,’ Jenkins says in announcement of 1,304 new coronavirus cases, Dallas elementary closed because of COVID-19 concerns, What you need to know about coronavirus, plus a map of every case in Texas, El Paso extends closures as COVID-19 deaths continue to soar, Limit exposure, eat quietly, and mask up. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obed_(biblical_figure). But that’s nothing next to the sum the city could lose in civil litigation. We just use the weed bricks to fill the potholes. Moreover, Barbare didn’t understand why investigators swept in and arrested Vega without questioning him--he didn’t own the shop or the car. "Think long and hard.". Jennifer is an award-winning reporter at The Dallas Morning News. By the time winter blew down off the Oklahoma plains, the cases were falling apart at an alarming rate. But such complaints are common. Now Dallas is in an uproar. “They preyed on ignorance and the inability to maneuver in the system,” said Adrian Rodriguez, district director of the League of United Latin American Citizens. That was how Barbare began to string the rotten busts together. Police hate real dangerous police work. Go ahead, call her a spoiled celeb kid. “It’s like watching a slow train wreck,” said Paul Coggins, former U.S. attorney for the northern district of Texas. Two birds with one stone. You’ll need it. "You need to make that just and right decision," Rodriguez said. The bogus drug busts are notorious: Mexican immigrants were jailed, went broke or got deported, only to have the evidence against them fall apart. That sum was double what they had paid in 2000, but it was considered cash well spent until the arrests started to sour. If truth can be gleaned at all, it will be extracted from a tangled constellation of cops, drug pushers and immigrants. All rights reserved. Charged with intent to deliver cocaine, he didn’t walk out of jail until October, when the 56 pounds of powder seized during his arrest turned out to be plasterboard. West Dallas was the home to half of Dallas’ public housing projects, like Rupert Circle and the Fishtrap Projects, a mix community with blacks and Mexicans. UPDATE: Jury gives woman 60 years for drug house murder. “He said, ‘I’d rather be free in Mexico.’ ”. “There were red flags everywhere,” Barbare said. He drove an old pickup and put in long hours at the garage. The bricks of white powder they were charged with peddling turned out to be plaster of Paris--not cocaine or speed, as police had claimed. The whole bust was peculiar: Who would leave $1 million worth of cocaine in a broken-down--and unlocked--Cadillac on the lawn of an old garage? They got a call and spent a few hours catching some dumb dealers. [a biblical kind](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obed_(biblical_figure), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Out with the essay collection ‘No One Asked For This,’ David talks candidly about nepotism, Pete Davidson and a terrifying, hilarious web of neuroses.

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