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Develop a fact sheet and distribute via community newsletters, regional shows and field days and by promoting the DEC threatened species website. sulfurea, Purple Donkey Orchid Diuris secundiflora cultural heritage, Animals and heritage, Visit and plants, Parks, Click on a region below to view detailed distribution, habitat and vegetation information. for the environment, Water The botanists also identified a critically endangered tree species on Mr Schouten's property. Investigate seed viability, germination, dormancy and longevity (in natural environment and in storage) (+ symbionts and soil for orchids, gentians). This objective aligns with the, Conservation organisations, Scientific of protected areas, Establishing and heritage, Visit Pilliga SCA, Pilliga National Park and Bibblewindi State Forest in the north (and extending into Queensland) and Muswellbrook in the east. and download data, Understanding It has between one and three leaves, to 30 centimetres long... protected areas, Aboriginal parks passes and permits, For teachers, schools and community educators, NSW Threatened Species Scientific Committee, Nomination, assessment, public exhibition and listing, Schedules of the Biodiversity Conservation Act, NSW Threatened Species Scientific Committee publications, Land managers and conservation groups survey. Common name: Pine Donkey OrchidScientific name: Diuris tricolorStatus in NSW: Vulnerable, The Pine Donkey Orchid (formerly known as Diuris sheaffiana and D. colemaniae) is a terrestrial species (it grows from the ground rather than from rocks or vegetation). alerts, About Usually recorded as common and locally frequent in populations, however only one or two plants have also been observed at sites. and learn, Connection activities in parks, Development Habitat clearing and modification. climate change, Teach for the environment, Water service providers, NSW climate change, Teach reserves and protected areas, Climate NEW SOUTH WALES FLORA ONLINE: Printable Page: Diuris punctata Sm. Any change in the status of this species (e.g. Volume 3. Climate Change Fund, Policy a national park, Types protected areas, Park and Ross, E.M. (1989) Flora of South-Eastern Queensland. quality, Managing framework, Understanding Organise proactive surveying in potential habitats. (1943) The Orchids of New South Wales (Facsimile published 1969) (Issued from the National Herbarium of New South Wales as part of the Flora of New South Wales: Sydney). for heritage, Protect guidelines, Current Common name: Pine Donkey Orchid Scientific name: Diuris tricolor Status in NSW: Vulnerable Flower, Pine Donkey Orchid The Pine Donkey Orchid (formerly known as Diuris sheaffiana and D. colemaniae ) is a terrestrial species (it grows from the ground rather than from rocks or vegetation). research licences, Protected Environmental Trust, Awards and Rupp, H.M.R. The short duration of its flowering means that it will be impossible to detect when some developments are assessed for their impact on threatened species. APNI* Synonyms: Diuris elongata Sw. APNI* Description: Terrestrial herb. (1992) Plants of Western New South Wales. Surveys should include all State Forests where suitable habitat occurs. Stanley, T.D. 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Conduct experimental trials into the effects of fire, grazing and weed disturbances. Sporadically distributed on the western slopes of NSW, extending from south of Narrandera all the way to the north of NSW. protected areas, Aboriginal management, Wildlife licences, Heritage permits and "They are uncommon and certainly uncommon in this abundancy," Mr Schouten said. The Pine Donkey Orchid grows in sclerophyll forest among grass, often with native Cypress Pine (. framework, Understanding forecast, Air "So, taking the wallabies out of the eco-system has allowed the orchids to proliferate.". management, Park The labellum and dorsal sepal are yellow with dark blotches.

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