does hori fighting stick mini work on pc

Unfortunately, PS3 peripherals don't work natively on Windows in the same way that many Xbox accessories do. While the confirmation may not be the most shocking... Video courtesy of @suburbMage my right hand button presses are coming ahead. © Valve Corporation. For the price its not a bad stick the buttons are low profile and react quickly, made for PS3 and PS4 and there is a switch to swap between these, it also means that this will work with your PC (USB interface). That might be your best bet in finding a working solution. Xbox One Controllers. Thanks, if anything I'll probably use a 3rd party program, cant be too bad. Joe Biden Wins - Becomes 46th president of the United States, Hacker Tears Apart Super Mario Game & Watch To Find Out What's, (mini rant) "Hardcore" gamers are too concerned about physical copies. I believe that there are programs that enable you to use PS4 sticks on PC. By spardasieg, Mar 27, 2011 I have a playstation 3 Hori fighting commander 3 pro and i read some accounts that it can work on the PC version of Super Street Fighter 4 but i have not had any luck getting the controller to work on the game. Thanks, but are you sure theres no input lag for x360ce? Please fill out the form below if you are still having trouble after looking through our support documentation and/or if you require further assistance. Hey everyone, I really wanna pick up sfv on pc right now cause its 60 dollars for the game and season pass, but I have a ps4 fighting stick and I've heard they dont work great on pc (or at all). All rights reserved. Thanks for reading! If you hadn't heard it the first five times that SEGA has said this in the past year, the company has once again reiterated its future plans in regards to Atlus. So be sure to check out the list below to see what works and if you have tested a stick or controller that works and isn’t on the list, be sure to leave a comment here and we’ll pass it on or stop by the thread and list it there. i have to get used to the sticks long travel distance yet. edited 4 years ago I feel like I'm always dropping a PSA on this stick. What crimes have been committed or attempted in space? I have this stick and it does *not* work with Wii emulators. I mean from what I've seen most peoplesay theres none but some people are saying there is. We're not here to test compatibility issues for you. Featuring a cool Noir button layout and Hayabusa parts (joystick and buttons), the RAP.N is an excellent mid-range fight stick, which offers a lot of bang for the proverbial buck. not able to solve that issue. how to get hori controller to work on PC ??? If you're looking to get a VR headset later this holiday season, or you've already got one, then you might be interested in the latest Humble Bundle. Easily transportable - its compact build houses 8 buttons with 4/8 turbo settings, a typically sturdy, quick Hori fighting lever and a functioning Share Button (to ensure your dank KOs don't go unrecorded).

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