cameron cryogenic ball valve

Its products are used primarily to control, direct, and measure the flow of oil and gas as it is moved from individual wellheads through flowlines, gathering lines, and … View catalogue. Cameron is a leading provider of valves, valve automation, and measurement systems to the oil and gas industry. WKM 210A. View catalogue « Back to Westlund Library Fema Valves was founded in 1952 has been developing safety valves ever since. Cameron/TBV Corrosion Resistant & Cryogenic. WKM C50. View catalogue. Floating ball valves. NAVCO C1. Two-piece threaded end valve, fire tested and certified to API Spec 607. 1/4- to 2-in sizes, 2,000-psi max. Floating Ball. The CAMERON T30 Series fully welded ball valve is one of the most trusted valves in the petroleum industry. Cameron/Orbit Valves. Floating ball valves. Fema Valves continued to improve their products. Cameron/WKM Dyna Seal 370D4 Trunnion Ball. ... Cameron B8 Fully Welded Ball Valves. Floating ball valve. operating pressure. TBV Cryogenic Ball Valves. The Cameron WKM Model 310F floating ball valve satisfies a wide range of applications. Cameron’s quarter-turn valve product portfolio for cold service and cryogenic solutions, around the world. Its distinctive design imparts increased strength at reduced weight as well as increased resistance both to pipeline pressures and stresses. View catalogue. Later on Fema also made her first steps in the cryogenic industry and began to design and construct specialized valves. Cameron/Nutron T3 & B3 F.S.

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