axial destratification fans

Full warranty details can be found under the technical downloads section. Airius is the only small destratification fan manufacturer with this safety feature. Open Ceiling Fans. Axminster, Each Euroventilatori range has further possibilities including a choice of finishes and voltages, and many of the axial fans are also available in ATEX rated versions. Our premium EC motors, made by ebm-papst®, are a great option for maximum efficiency. Every PureAir fan is supplied with a steel safety leash pre-installed. The square fans are common in warehouse applications, while the round fans were developed in answer to customer demand for a more sophisticated retail aesthetic. Accessories. Motor Replacement program after warranty ends. Destratification fans like HVLS fans and axial fans can help de-stratify the air and help with heating and cooling. Peter Jarvis, Project Manager, Airbus UK. Providing local support throughout Upstate New York with our experienced team of field sales engineers. Commercial destratification fans – Leo Range The primary function of these commercial destratification fans or under-ceiling air mixers is counteracting the accumulation of warm air in the roof space of the building.An axial fan draws warm air in and forces its flow downwards, i.e. The EVF axial fan series is suitable for sucking in smoke, as well as vitiated, dusty and wet air in the foundries, cement factories, paper factories and joinery works. Hoods. The safety leash acts as an additional restraint in the case of catastrophic failure of the main attachment point. AX and P Fan Accessories. Controls & Thermostats. Destratification gathers the trapped warmer air and redirects it strategically to where it is needed in order to reduce the temperature differential from floor to ceiling. and generally where it is necessary to transport big volumes of air with low pressures. Axial fan with light alloy die-cast impeller with wing-profile blades. During the cooling season, cold air is often discharged through diffusers located at ceiling level. Fill out a quote request and set up a site visit so we can help you develop a proper solution. Euroventilatori’s range of axial fans offer flow rates of up to 75,000m3/hr (44,143CFM) and static pressures up to 3In.Swg (75mmWG). These fans are suitable for the suction of vitiated air flue gases and vapour. During the heating season, warm air naturally rises into high ceilings, posing a challenge to keep warm air at floor level and maintain a comfortable building environment. t. production-rehearsal facility. ft. facilities in Longmont, Colorado. These fans push trapped air to the floor which evens temperatures building-wide and provides additional air circulation as well as cooling or heat recovery. Tube Axial Duct Fan Options and Accessories. A destratification fan, typically suspended from the ceiling, acts as a ventilation and destratification device. Patented multi-vane stator and venturi nozzle, Youtech Chicagoland Website Design & Creative Agency. Destratification fans listed below are designed for a general Destratification fan applications and are suitable for the majority of specific requirements for Destratification applications. The EVC axial fan range is particularly suitable for the suction of fumes and for contaminated, dusty and damp air. These fans are built to be suspended just below ceiling height in your building and the speed which the fan is set is dependent upon how high up the fans are located. Airius is the only small destratification fan manufacturer to meet the highest flame retardant rating defined by UL 94, 5VA. Energy-Efficient, Axial Fan suitable for destratification. We recommend the grille option for fans that are mounted within reach of an occupant. For the aeration of local rooms, for drying paper, wool, pasta tiles in the application to radiators, unit heaters, cooling towers, etc. Complete with a 6-foot cord and plug for 120V fans, installing a PureAir fan is quick and easy. Old style ceiling fans or a simple tube design generally will not offer adequate throw for destratification. With any axial fan, there exists a radial component to the air flow causing it to spread laterally and lose velocity when leaving the nozzle. Every Air Pear fan is supplied with a steel safety leash pre-installed. Mancoolers. In addition to the stator, the slightly tapered nozzle increases the exit speed and allows for the air throw to be maximized even further. Axial-flow fan with light alloy die cast impeller with wing-profile blades. All models of the open ceiling fans feature a standalone axial destratification fan powered by highly energy efficient EC Fans and Drives, LLC motors. We do all three versions of these destratification fans at Flexiheat UK. Destratification Fans. This type of fan is mainly used in the spray booths where it helps against the danger of fire due to its construction with spark-proof blades and the motor fixed to the outside of the fan. The CU Boulder indoor practice facility opened in 2016 with 108,000 sq. Contact Airius for further details. and generally where it is necessary to transport big volumes of air with low pressures. U Series Smoke Ejector Accessories. For example, if a ceiling is 20 feet high, there can be a 10 to 20 degree variance in temperature from the floor to the ceiling. Motors. Our thermal destratification fans are a smart choice for anyone looking to improve the efficiency of their HVAC system. Liberty Electric Products © 2020. When two of the indoor pools at Birmingham Public Schools were experiencing indoor air quality issues, Matt Hess, the Assistant Manager of Operations reached out to Airius for help. Airius PureAir Series are factory installed with broad-spectrum HE/UV light targeted on a quad metallic target that produces hydroperoxides. Axial-flow fan with light alloy die-cast impeller with wing profile blades. Creates aggressive advanced oxidation atmosphere to kill 99% of bacteria, viruses and mold (surface and airborne) and kill 85% of VOCs and odors. Fiberglass roof, fitted with base for mounting. This series is suitable for buildings with a ceiling height of up to 40’ as they push air down in a column no wider than 2’ to 3’ without a spread that interferes with people below. With any conventional air heating system warm air will rise to roof level by natural convection. Model F-18R Fan Specifications For Open Rafter Ceilings, Model F-18 Fan Specifications For Open Rafter Ceilings, Savings When Air-Row Fans Anti-Sweat Controls. Airius PureAir fans feature a unique nozzle design and patented stator system to ensure that a column of air is delivered from ceiling to floor — where we live and work. Having the airflow energy in line with the fan axis promotes a tight air column and maximizes the throw. This air is met with resistance by h… Additional low voltage wiring may need to be installed for control of an EC motor or eliminated with a wireless control option. Airius destratification fans make sure some of the hottest rock bands in the world are rehearsing in comfort as part of the HVAC design of the Rock Liitz Studios, a 52,000 sq. Follow us on social media to stay up to date with recent product announcements and industry related news. Sign up for our mailing list and join the community of engineers, architects, and contractors to get our latest technical resources in your inbox. Quick and easy installation in new construction or retrofits. Send an enquiry to one of our industrial fan engineers. Specific fan model submittals will show the guard as an option if available. Millwey Rise Industrial Estate In a stratified building, temperature differentials of up to 34°F (1.5°C) per vertical foot are common and the higher a building's ceiling, the more extreme these temperature differentials can be.

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